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FOREST MIST Magic Window

FOREST MIST Magic Window

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Can you imagine being able to look through a hole in the wall? With our Magic Windows you can discover wonderful worlds!

These are the characteristics of our magic windows:

1. Available in 2 sizes.

2. Is self-adhesive, so you just have to peel and stick on the wall.

3. SUITABLE FOR GOTELÉ, and smooth walls.

4. customizable! you can customize your magic window some text, names... and we will integrate it into the design. The font and color may vary depending on the name and color of the main design. 

5. The original drawing of all our designs are illustrated by our illustrator using watercolors and others, in order to achieve that effect that our clients like so much, it seems that it is painted on the wall.

6. Printing and own manufacturing, with ecological paints.

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