Flores Rosas para nuestra Mondolover @slowandchic

Pink flowers for our Mondolover @slowandchic

Today we bring you this wonderful wallpaper made to measure for each wall with a floral theme that we love!

Large pink flowers are the protagonists of this soooo pretty room from our Mondolover @slowandchic

Sometimes, we think that large drawings will not look good in small spaces... we usually think that it will make the room smaller and darker. 

As you can see...it's the opposite! This wallpaper gives an amazing explosion of colour, lightness and spaciousness to the headboard area, giving it a romantic, cozy and elegant air :).

The details are very important, neutral textiles, tables with a natural touch, lights on the wall, flowers in a vase, candles, a wooden ceiling fan... everything together creates this beautiful environment!

What is your opinion? 

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