Clínica Dental Pedriatica - Cintia Torres

Pediatric Dental Clinic - Cintia Torres

Dr. Cintia Torres contacted us because she wanted to decorate her pediatric dental clinic with designs full of magic! 

When children go to their clinic they are amazed by the drawings on the walls and together with the love and professionalism of the team, they ensure that the child has a unique and wonderful experience.).

We show you the designs that have been chosen for their center located in Armilla (Granada).

Sticker Fantasy Castle at the reception.

Waiting room with the Rainbow Mural adapted with designs provided by Cintia for her clinic and personalized text.

And here our FANTASY STREET mural with personalized text.

Room 1 with our Dancer Sticker

Room 2 with our SELVA Sticker

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