? Who we are and how do we create your Mondo?

How was our brand born?

MONDO Kids&Home was born from the fusion of IL MONDO DI ALEX and IL MONDO HOME products, two brands that have been with us for 10 years!

We started with the brand "Il Mondo di Alex" focused on the little ones in the house and over time the brand "Il Mondo Home" emerged, designed for the older ones. 

Now in this new brand you can find the designs of IL MONDO HOME, IL MONDO DI ALEX and many more new products!

Who are we and how do we decorate your World?

Well, we will start by introducing our Illustrator, she is...

María Paniagua!

María has been carrying brushes in her hand since she was a child, creating magic in each of her designs. Something to highlight about her is that she is a self-taught artist, she was undoubtedly born to draw and every time she has a brush in her hand... she explodes with happiness!

An illustrator with a great career focused on illustration of children's and home designs. Also within the world of children's literature, in many bookstores you can see her beautiful story called WHERE IS WINTER?

María, is the official illustrator of MONDO Kids&Home, and together with the Marketing team they create the wonders that you see in our website!

Aida and Ángela

They are the protagonists of the Design department, thanks to them all Mondolovers have their favorite custom-made and personalized product in their homes!

They are also in charge, together with María, of designing all the products as you see them on the web.

Ana and Verónica

It is the turn of our decoration consultants, they are the people behind every message, call, email, WhatsApp...

They are always your salvation, they always help you with whatever you need and advise you to choose the perfect product for your space!

Many of you have had the opportunity to talk to them and they love receiving messages where you explain how well they have treated and advised you.

A message from them: We are happy to know that we have helped you decorate your favorite corner and thank you very much for such beautiful messages that we receive daily 😍.

Noemí, Mari Carmen and Lucía!

They are responsible for producing each of your orders! They review each one of them with great care and package them with great care so that you receive them in perfect condition! They love reading messages about how well the order has turned out for each of our Mondolovers.

Even having a large volume of work and several machines to control, they do it with an enviable attitude! Always with joy, concentration and a lot of love!

Corina, Rosa and Juana

They are the ones who make all the textile products by hand and They do it with the greatest love in the world!

We have our own textile workshop and we could not be prouder of employing people from our land, instead of asking other countries to make our products for us in order to lower the price.

Our products are exclusive, highly personalized for each client and treated with the greatest love possible and always with the touch that makes us unique...MAGIC.


He is responsible for Quality, he verifies that all materials, printing quality and personalization are perfect for when you receive your order, it is perfect! 😍👏🏻.


I present to you Francisco, he is the manager and as he We say here everything is GOD hehe, since it is everywhere!

Always looking for new technologies and machinery for the new products that we are releasing.

He already has a new machine in his mind with which to make products that you will love 😍👏🏻.


Hi, I'm Sandra! responsible for marketing, advertising, social networks and design.

I have always loved decoration and when I see an empty room, a thousand ideas go through my head to decorate it.

I try to stay up to date with trends (colors, fabrics, designs...) so that later, together with the rest of the Illustration and Design team, I can create products like the ones you see on the web.

I am also behind every publication, photo, video...😬 and the one who is writing this Blog hehe.

I take this opportunity to thank you thousands for trusting us every day, for receiving so many messages of love, for those excited Mondolovers and for those beautiful photos/videos that you send us.

We promise that we will continue to surprise you!

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