Many of you will wonder how the whole process of a new idea and illustration begins, well, we are a highly motivated team to offer unique products and designs, of a high quality, tailored to each wall and personalized. In addition, all our products are made in Spain in our facilities with our own machinery and our own textile workshop. 

We all make up the team ALEX'S WORLD!


We present them to Maria Paniagua, our illustrator! She is from Madrid who, from a very young age, fills her notebooks with designs and characters with a special magic!

He is the one who works magic with his gift and manages to create the wonderful illustrations that you see on the web! Starting from an idea that the Design and Marketing team talks about... she begins to make sketches until she manages to capture through brushes, pencils... the image that she has in her mind, that is when the MAGIC and the creation of a new character or pattern! All the original drawings are painted by hand with different techniques, therefore, our products have that effect. "hand painted" that makes the product so special and beautiful.



We present them to Aida, graphic designer! Together with María, she is in charge of creating all the products such as murals, vinyls, paintings, etc... that you see on the web, they design each product that will then go through our printing machines. She is also in charge of preparing all the scenarios that you see on the web to give you inspiration on how these designs can look in various environments. 

Now comes the turn angela, belongs to the design team, she is in charge of making each of your custom orders!


Have you ever found that you love a wallpaper but for the measurement of your wall Does the design look cropped? Well, thanks to our design work, that does not happen with our custom-made products such as murals, wallpapers... Our graphic designer takes order by order and adapt the design to the needs of each of our clients so that the entire drawing remains with all its details and without losing anything!

Even if you have a piece of furniture, a light fixture, an air conditioner, sockets, shelves... knowing how far away they are and their size, our designer will take this into account so that these elements do not cover any important part of the drawing. ! 


We present them to Victor!

He is in charge that all the products that are printed by all the machines are of the QUALITY that we want, it is also in charge together with the Department of Design of personalize each and every one of your orders! 

Often, we look for the products we buy to be unique, that no one else has the same as you! How do we get this? making it to measure and customizing! 

And how can it be customized? Very easy! Each of our products can be personalized with a text and names, you just have to write what you want and Víctor will take care of personalizing your product with great care and professionalism so that when you receive it you will fall in love! 

In addition to being able to get something unique for yourself, the fact that it is personalized also makes it an ideal gift for someone special! 


Once you have gone through the initial process of illustration, graphic design, quality check and personalized all orders, we proceed to produce them! and this is where our SUPER GIRLS are! 
We introduce you to our girls in charge of producing all orders except textiles! 
They are Noemí, María Dolores, Mari Carmen, María and Simona! They alone are capable of placing hundreds of orders every day, all of them printed in high quality, reviewed one by one and perfectly packaged! They do it daily with a lot of love, enthusiasm and professionalism, wishing that when you receive your order you fall in love with it!

It is the turn of our other SUPER GIRLS!, in this case the ones from the TEXTILE WORKSHOP, our own workshop where each order is printed and is made one by one by hand

Always full of threads, patterns on the table, hundreds of fabrics and printed fabrics to be made. They really do magic! from something that is a piece of printed fabric they manage to make incredible cushions, bedding, curtains... each of the products They are made by hand and always with love. in each one of them. They make the product come out made of high quality and with perfect seams! 

They are Corina, Rosa and Juana.


What would we do without them 3! They are the people who are experts in our products behind the phone, email, whatsapps, social media messages... They they are your salvationThey always help you with whatever you need and they advise you to choose the perfect product for your space!

Many of you have had the opportunity to deal with them and love to receive messages explaining how well they have treated and advised you.

They are Ana, Veronica and Daya.


Behind all this team, is the Manager of the company called Francisco,

Always hidden but everywhere, checking that all departments work well, always looking for new technologies, materials... in order to offer customers more high-quality products! Betting on a young team, full of enthusiasm, professional and who work with great affection... 


The turn has come Sandra, I! :) The one who is writing this entire section hehe.

Always together with María (illustrator) and the girls from Diseños (Aida and Ángela) to surprise you throughout the year with new collections that you will fall in love with as much as we do! 

I am also in charge of carrying all the advertising, publications on social networks... whenever you hear a voice behind a video... that's me! :). 

In addition to all this, I am Alex's mommy, the protagonist of this story! thanks to him, IL MONDO DI ALEX exists today.

Hello! Am Alex!

Actually my name is Alexander but my mom made it shorter for the trademark. Excited to see since I was little how your houses are full of our designs, Thank you!

We hope you have gotten to know us a little better thanks to this section and thank you for trusting IL MONDO DIA ALEX and IL MONDO HOME, both brands are ours. At Il Mondo Home you will find designs for the oldest in the house.

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