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DULCES SUEÑOS ROSA Wallpapers for children

DULCES SUEÑOS ROSA Wallpapers for children

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For other measures, write us by WhatsApp at +34 628 57 17 97

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SWEET DREAMS PINK Children's wallpaper from the SWEET DREAMS collection.

In the sweet kingdom of dreams, our adorable bears play among clouds and moons, lighting up the night with their tenderness and joy. Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of bedtime with our pink sweet dreams bears wallpaper.

EASYWALL: Washable paper, easy installation. only with water!, suitable for smooth walls. For walls with gotelé we recommend our magic windows or adhesive posters. You can contact us and we will give you other options.

Other features of our wallpapers:

1. We will design the wallpaper to fit your wall, both in width and height.

2. It is presented in strips of paper and the union of them forms the complete drawing, the height of each strip will be the height you have requested.

3. They are washable and easy to install.

4. The original drawing of all our designs are illustrated by our illustrator based on a watercolor base and combined with other techniques, in order to achieve that effect that our clients like so much, once placed, it looks like it is painted on the wall.

5. In-house printing and manufacturing, with ecological inks.

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  • 1. Mondolover choosing mural

    I love this mural! But the bed and the sockets are going to cover the drawing... I'm going to call them!

  • 2. Hello Mondolover!

    Hello! I really like one of your murals, but I think part of the drawing would be covered by sockets and furniture!

  • 3. In the mind of our MONDOLVOER....

    He imagines the plug turning off the whale and part of the continents covered by the bed...


    We adapt the drawing to the width and height of your wall. We move the elements of the mural avoiding furniture, sockets... we do it CUSTOMIZED! And also, you can personalize it with a text, names...


    We move whales and move fish and others, we climb continents and size so that the bed doesn't cover anything...

    How come you don't have 2, right? Well, neither are walls, so made to measure and personalize is always better!


- Pre-glued
- Washable
- Tailored to your wall
- Personalized
- Own production
- Light resistant
- Original illustration through watercolors and others.

🖤 Our Mondolovers 🖤