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DINO TRICERATOPS Personalized child

DINO TRICERATOPS Personalized child

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DINO TRICERATOPS Personalized children's painting

A triceratops stars in this painting. Large and strong, this dinosaur with three horns on its head and a large bony frill on its neck, stands on a white background. You can see its powerful legs and robust tail. It looks so impressive and friendly at the same time! Triceratops were herbivores, meaning they ate plants, and lived millions of years ago in the era of the dinosaurs. Would you like to imagine what adventures this triceratops could have while living in his prehistoric world?

About our paintings:

1. Several measures to choose from.
2. Customizable! Make your painting unique by personalizing it with the name(s) you you want. We will use a font and color that matches the design.

3. Available in 2 finishes:
Film: to frame if you wish in a frame.
Foam: It does not require a frame, it is a rigid finish that you can place on furniture, shelves... or stick to the wall with double-o tape. adhesive velcro.

* In both finishes the design is printed directly on the material (paper or foam).

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Foam finish

It does not require a frame, it is a rigid finish that you can rest on the furniture, shelf... or stick it on the wall with double-sided tape or adhesive velcro

foil finish

Design printed on paper to frame in a painting.

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